Let's Play the Ukulele

Learning Outcomes

Become proficient in problem solving using practical, mathematical methods.

Target Audience

8th Grade Mathematics


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Developed By:

Ne`epapa Ka Hana (NKH)

Course Description


You will discover on your own how the mathematics you are learning this year can be used to help you understand music theory and compose music through research, collaboration, and guided questions.


You can share and discuss your ideas with friends using an online discussion forum. This way, you can connect with other students across groups, in different classrooms, and even at other schools.


You will learn to use the Internet for learning, collaboration and applying your mathematics knowledge to solve real-world problems. By the end of the year, you will easily understand and interpret mathematics language and, hopefully, do much better in your exams.


To participate in this project, you only need online handouts, a computer or tablet, and Internet access.

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