Professional Development

Learning Outcomes

To help educators prepare for, implement and discuss socially and culturally responsive problem-based learning.

Target Audience


Developed By:

Ne`epapa Ka Hana (NKH)

Course Description

Seeking new ideas, inspiration or support for mathematics instruction? Teachers looking for research-based strategies to engage and challenge students of diverse backgrounds may access materials from the Ne‘epapa Ka Hana (NKH) Teacher Institute. Our institute provides an introduction to:


inclusive mathematics pedagogy,


culturally and socially responsive problem-based learning, and


cooperative learning through technology (connectivism).

NKH also provides several invite-only professional development courses to teachers from partnering schools during its Summer, Fall and Spring Institutes. A virtual Summer Institute provides a conceptual foundation for the NKH pedagogical approach. An on-site Fall Institute delivers training on implementation of NKH learning activities, formative assessment for students and successful use of the NKH learning platform. Two additional on-site professional development courses will be provided to participating teachers during a Spring Institute. Throughout the school year, the NKH team provides on-site implementation support. All of the NKH Teacher Institute resources are open and freely available, including lecture videos, slides, and handouts.

Looking for PD credits ? We are happy to announce that our PD series is now available through Project Inspire (PDE3 course #CT181788)!

PD Courses


Socio-Culturally Responsive Problem-Based Learning

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